even more up to date feline news

fairly aged feline, ginger edition, according to the vet the tumor that a week ago was the size of a satsuma is now untraceable on the xray. I have no idea what kind of magical chemo they’ve put him on, but it works unlike any chemotherapy I’ve ever come across before. If only they had such a thing for humans… Maybe this will be it, it’ll get licenced, and we’ll see certain types of cancer having a much higher treatment rate.

for those of you wanting details, the biopsy results suggested that it was a lymphoma not a carcinoma as first thought, which is a good sign.

The long term plan now is for him to have weekly low-dose chemo for three months and then take it from there.

the short term plan is lots of tiny ginger cuddles.

Soundtrack – alternating between that new King’s X album and Trip noodling in the background…

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