All is well with the world

OK, so the labour party is run by fascists, public transport is a disaster, London’s getting set to be ruined by the Olympics… But Danny Baker is back on Radio London so all is well with the world.

Oh yes, for the last few months, the radio dial has been Bakerless – in his place the broadcasting car-crash that is Joanne Goode, and now the antipodean waste of oxygen that called himself Jono Coleman. But now Danny is back, in the afternoons, and the BBC London 94.9 running order is looking a lot better. Vanessa Feltz is on from 9-12 – she was dreadful in the afternoons, but seems to handle topical serious phone-in better than celeb gossip nonsense. Robert Elms still has the lunch time slot, which he does so well, and now Danny in the afternoons. What’s more, he has Amy Lame back on as well.

All is indeed well with the world.

Soundtrack – David Bowie, ‘Reality’ (marvellous stuff – it’s been a while since Bowie last did two really good albums in a row. Let’s hope he keeps this up); The Pixies, ‘Bossanova’ (one of the Pixies albums I never got round to buying first time out – genius is parts, but it’s no Doolittle).

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  1. The walk from Stockwell to Westminster hasn’t been the same since the Candyman and gang, stopped their morning show. A pity I’m stuck to my desk when the new show is on.

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