This is going to be fun!

I’m so looking forward to this John Peel Day gig with Rise Kagona and Calamateur. I’m chuffed cos we can put on a bill as electic as that and make it work, thanks to Peel’s astonishing programming policy on his show. I get to book two fabulous acts to come and play with me, and I get to play bass for Rise! How cool is that? v. cool indeed, that’s how cool.

And, what’s just as cool is that I’m able to do the ticket sales online. Oh yes – OSCommerce, the online shop cleverness that I use on my site will happily deal with choices for concession priced tickets etc. It’s very cool. We like.

So, now you can head over to the shop and buy tickets for the gig. Go on, you’ll love it! It’s going to be such a great night.

Have a read of the blurb I’ve put on there. Here’s a choice quote from Andy Kershaw about The Bhundu Boys (from this article in the Independent) –

“I first heard them when they put out an EP in the autumn of 1985,” Andy Kershaw recalls. “Peel and I were in the office at Radio 1. We sat staring at each other, thinking this recording was absolutely wonderful. It was the dazzling quality of the music, the harmonies, the sparkling guitar playing. The Bhundu Boys were simply one of the greatest pop groups I have ever heard.”

The following spring, Kershaw adds, he and Peel went to see the group in Chelsea.

“I realised after a few minutes that I had this enormous grin on my face. I was surrounded by kids of college age. They were all grinning too. I turned to look at John, and – Peel being Peel – he was weeping. The tears were just running down his face. It really was a revelatory moment…The band played like they were having the time of their lives. They played like that because they were.”

How can you miss the chance to see the founder of that band, with me on bass???? It’s going to rule.

soundtrack – Alison Krauss, ‘Now That I’ve Found You: A Collection’.

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