Lost and found part 2

So, other than my speeding ticket, I’ve unearthed a couple of long-missing CDs – ‘the Free Story’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’; both great CDs that I’ve missed over the last few months. Especially ‘Off The Wall’ – ignoring for a moment the fact that for the last 16 years or so, Mr Jackson’s private life has made far more impact than his music, he has been responsible for some awesome music in his time, and Off The Wall is arguably his masterpiece.

It didn’t sell as well at Thriller, but then, nor did any other record ever made, so that hardly makes it a ‘hidden gem’. It contains some of the funkiest songs he’s ever recorded – Rock With You, Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough and Get On The Floor – the only track that doesn’t quite maintain the quality is ‘She’s Out Of My Life’ which is a nice ballad, but not up there with the funky stuff.

Anyway, if you haven’t got it, set aside thoughts of the recent court case and weirdness involving surrogate mothers, oxygen tanks, pet monkeys, Liz Taylor and baby-dangling and pick up one of the finest soul/funk/pop albums ever made.

Soundtrack – Michael Jackson, ‘Off The Wall’.

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