Boris Pontificates on Booze

Boris Johnson holds a rather unique place in my heart, largely just by being a Tory MP that doesn’t make me physically sick. He seems like a sweet soul, though I’m certain that he’s way more together than his bungling public persona would suggest – he’s an MP and a magazine editor and I doubt he could function too well as either if he were as scatter brained as he makes out… well, at least not as a magazine editor (it seems like there are several MPs with quite severe learning difficulties, if their policy decisions are anything to go by).

Anyway, Boris has a blog – sadly, it’s not updated as often as it would need to be to be truly interesting and marvellous, but there is this great article about the changes in licencing laws – he has a lovely turn of phrase.

Soundtrack – Finley Quaye, ‘Maverick A Strike’.

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