Blogging infidelities…

Oh yes, I’ve been unfaithful to my lovely blog – I’ve just registered a page under the name ‘solobassstevelawson’ – it should have been under the name solobasssteve, like so many other things I do, but I registered that, then realised that I’d registered it as a general account and couldn’t see a way to transfer it to a band account… so for now, it’s solobassstevelawson.

The interface at MySpace is unfeasibly complex to navigate – it looks like it was designed as someone’s GCSE project. no obvious link to an ‘edit me’ bit of the site, you just have to bookmark things as you stumble across them, and hope they have static URLs and you can get back there.

There does seem to be a heck of a lot of music stuff on there which is good, and some bands seem to have done v. well out of it. It’s nice to have a shop window beyond my own site, so we’ll see if it extends my reach.

It’s purely a marketing thing – I’m not about to start blogging there instead of here (it doesn’t look as nice as this anyway), so we’ll see how it goes.

Soundtrack – Talking Heads, ‘Stop Making Sense’; Talk Talk, ‘Spirit Of Eden’; Seth Lakeman, Kitty Jay’; Renaud Garcia-Fons, ‘Entremundo’.

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