Tiredness catching up on me.

So much so that I completely forgot to put a ticket on my car today, and so got a parking ticket – £30 needlessly wasted there… DOH!

TSP and I finally got rid of all our remaining flyers today – no more left for flyering tomorrow, which is just as well as I have a rehearsal for most of the day with Duncan Senyatso, for a gig at Greenbelt weekend after next.

I’m truly knackered, and it showed a little in my show tonight – I was a little more vacant than usual, but still played well and was funny enough to carry the gig off, just not as sparky as I have been. It was odd going back to doing People Get Ready on my own at the end, having had the truly wonderful Julie McKee sing it with me on Saturday and ‘Mr Fringe’ himself, Andy Williamson play a gorgeous tenor sax part on it with me last night. (Andy, for those of you who know what this means, is the Ralston Bowles of the Edinburgh Fringe – knows everyone, plays 17 shows a day, is the networking king and basically IS the festival. He’s also a very fine saxophonist and is playing up here with his fabulous Big Buzzard Boogie Band, and in a show called Sex With Mae West.

Anyway, show went well, 33 people in, lots of CD sold (great for paying parking fines with!) – last night tomorrow, and then home…

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