The eternal edinburgh quandry

the huge problem with the Fringe is that there are so many great shows going on, and so many lovely people whose shows I’d LOVE to see that there’s no way you can get to do everything. What’s even harder is that when your entire team is two people (me and TSP), any time taken off to go to a show is effectively two person-hours of flyering time lost, which at this stage is pretty vital to the show.

So please allow me to apologise in advance to everyone who has invited me to their show that I don’t make it to – it’s genuinely not through a lack of a desire to see you perform, just a logistical impossibility. I am taking notes of the website addresses of productions that I really want to see, so that hopefully I can catch them at a fringe theatre in London at some point. The wealth of talent on display up here is breathtaking. TSP and I keep reading yet more reviews of shows that sound utterly compelling, but unless we added a week onto the end of the run just to watch shows 10 hours a day, there’s no way we’d get round everything we want to see!

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