Oops, a not so great review…

Ah well, just found this review from The Scotsman – it’s fairly gentle, though she (I’m assuming Jan is a she, though could be a Scandinavian bloke, I guess) only gave me two stars. Nice that she described my technical abilities as ‘top class’, and my chat as ‘engaging’, I guess, even if the music didn’t make much of an impression on her… Well, at least I’ve broken my Edinburgh press duck. Would have been nicer to get a good one first time out, but we can’t control these things, and reviewers bring with them a whole pile of notions and preconceptions about how things should be (I know, I used to be a reviewer!) Maybe I should just write ‘TOP CLASS!!’ on a piece of paper and stick it across my posters… this seems to be the way with Edinburgh promo – a review might say ‘despite an excellent premise, this play was dire, one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen’. And the poster then says ‘Excellent!’ – the Scotsman.

So no, my self-esteem is worth more than that.

Maybe the Three Weeks one will eventually come out…

For now, I’d wholeheartedly recommend ignoring the press, and reading the audience reviews instead.

Oh, and this one by the Rvd G (which, given that I’m sleeping in his attic, might be biased in terms of feeling particularly warm towards me, though I did make his kitchen look like the aftermath from a Greek wedding the other morning at 2am, so this would have been the perfect opportunity to get my back for covering his floor with broken glass… So on second thoughts, view Gareth’s words as understated and mute by comparison with him having to be carried from the venue in an ambulance, such was the degree to which I blew him away with my wikkid skillz!)

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