Lost and Found

(written at 17.01 today)

another eventful day in the run up to the festival. Started easily enough – came up to Edinburgh from Berwick, dropped off all my stuff at the venue in preparation for my tech rehearsal later on tonight, parked the car on the way out of town (about a third of the way back to Berwick, in the hunt for free parking), posted the latest batch of t-shirt orders, and came down to pick up my flyers and posters. Which became picking up my flyers, as the posters still hadn’t arrived. Huh? Having paid for a two day turn around, I’m a little pissed off that they haven’t arrived yet. So anyway, not having eaten at all, I thought I’d head off for some food and in the hunt for free wifi, and then come back afterwards for the posters.

Found the Jolly Judge OK, with their free wifi (allegedly), but didn’t get to try it out as it became immediately apparent at the bar that my wallet was missing. Oh shit, not again, thinks me. Search through bags. Nope, no sign. Search again, and pockets, and everything else. Still nada. This is really not good, not good at all. Edinburgh is a really expensive place to be, and with all the driving I’ve got coming up, having no cash card is going to be a real pain.

So I retrace my steps. Nothing. I come back to the CVenues HQ, it’s not here. I get the number for the Co-Op bank, call to cancel my card and head back to the post office where I posted the t-shirts. the fatal flaw in the plan was the order of the last two events. Not two minutes after cancelling the card is my wallet back in my hand, money still inside, untouched, my having left it in the post office this morning (that serves me right for not having any breakfast – mental fatigue). So I’ve not got my stuff back, which is great, including a useless cancelled bankcard, which is not so great. Thankfully the small person is with me, and I’m going to find out if I can get money out over the counter, if there’s a Co-Op in Edinburgh. But it’s all such a faff. so now I’m finally eating something, still not having actually used any free wifi in Edinburgh at all, not having stuck up any posters or dished out any flyers. What a putz.

So this evening, as soon as my sodding posters arrive, I’ll be hitting the bars and cafes trying to get them stuck up to let peoples know about the show. The nice thing is I’ve already been reecognised a few times in the street by people who’ve said they are coming to the show – let’s hope I haven’t run into my entire pre-booked audience already.

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