Audience reviews from Edinburgh

A few more reports coming in from the Edinburgh show –

this one is on and includes some photos of the night with Guy Pratt, this one is from the Rev G’s blog – he came to four gigs, so was able to compare them a bit, and here are the reviews on If you were there, please feel free to post reviews either at or preferably in the reviews section on my forum. It’d be lovely to hear what you thought of the show.

Today was spent shopping with Wes for a bass – I love taking people to The Gallery for the first time, as the magicalness of it strikes you the minute you walk through the door – great basses everywhere, amps piled to the ceiling and lovely helpful staff. We managed to pick up a real bargain – an OLP 5 string for £190.

And now I’m listening to the soon-to-be-released Bruce Cockburn album, ‘Speechless’ – it’s a collection of his instrumentals, and is as expected, perfect. Beautiful tunes beautifully played. What’s not to love?

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