Some great news for London radio…

It’s amazing how one discovers news these days. I was just looking at the stats for this ‘ere blog, and saw in the search strings that lead people to the site ‘Jon Gaunt Leaves Radio London’.

Aha, thinks me, is this just one person’s wishful thinking, or is the ridiculous waste of airtime finally making a move?

So I google the same phrase, and find this post on the message board, saying that very thing, that the rancid bigot is finally doing the decent thing and leaving Radio London.

Let’s hope Simon Lederman or Eddie Nestor gets the mid morning phone in slot – both have sat in for scumface and done a great job before now.

So, to Gaunty – good riddance. I care not where you end up, so long as it’s not anywhere that I would normally frequent. I hope it’s daytime telly, then hopefully I’ll never have to suffer your loserdom again.

And as you’ve got kids, give ’em a hug, give ’em a kiss… and don’t forget to tell that we’re glad to see you go.