JKR must be doing something right…

OK, so the world has gone Harry Potter mad. New book out, very exciting. At least, it would be if I’d read any of the others. Which I haven’t.

But, hidden away in this article about the press response to the book, is evidence of the world’s brightest 10 year old kid –

“Rosie Jenkins, 10, was one of the lucky winners who got to meet Rowling at the book’s launch at Edinburgh Castle.

She said the book “immediately plunges the reader into a world that is grim, chaotic and action-packed”.

She added it was “darker and more alarming than the other’s but that makes it more interesting and impossible to put down”. “

A TEN YEAR OLD said that’? What kind of kid that age talks like that?? OK, there’s the ginger kid at St Luke’s who when he was three offered to rent a van to deliver my Traidcraft shopping to try and encourage me to spend more, but he’s a bit of a one off. Methinks Rosie Jenkins parents have been scripting things for her to say, to make them look like badass parents…

Soundtrack – Scritti Politti, ‘Cupid And Psyche 85’.

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