Celebs in need of a wake up call…

OK, so Oprah Winfrey was stopped from going into a paris shop after-hours because they were getting ready for some press thing. No big deal? Not to Oprah. According to ‘a friend’, it was “one of the most humiliating moments of her life”.

Hold on – so not being treated like a puffed up overblown star demanding luxury and special treatment is ‘humiliating’. How about being stopped and searched for just for being black? How about being forcibly strip searched, or arrested and tortured? How about suffering from panic attacks or epilepsy and having an attack in a crowded place?

Good God, how to these celeb losers sleep at night??? How can anyone get worked up over not being let into a chic shop? So you can’t get in – so what, it was closed anyway!! Ah, but you’re Oprah. Sorry, nobody still gives a shit.

another choice quote –

‘Winfrey’s friend Ms King said the TV presenter has no intention of shopping at Hermes again.

“Her position is ‘I will shop where people appreciate my business, and I don’t believe that any longer includes Hermes’,” she added.’

Oh please! just PISS OFF. No-one wants to hear multi-millionaires whinging about not getting the star treatment, you sad out-of-touch waste of oxygen! Go and work in a homeless shelter or do relief work for a few months to get some perspective, you tragic spoilt showbiz mannequin!

Loser of the week, methinks…

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