When spoofs get out of hand.

Right, now I’ve recovered from laughing harder than I have in quite a while, I’ll share this one with y’all.

In order to prove a bet, a guy sets up a fake BBC news story, just to show the friend he’s having the argument with. At which point, some other new source picks up on it, posts it and it spreads across the net.

The explaination page is almost as funny as the article itself. If you do email the guy in question, please let me know whether you think 40 unarmed ‘midgets’ could take down a lion… (you’d have thought that the use of the word midget would have given away that it wasn’t a real BBC report, as the word is rarely used by any of the groups associated with restricted growth/little people.)

SoundtrackMichael Manring, ‘Soliloquy’ (just keeps getting better and better.)