So, Barnet, what do we do with polystyrene?

Two trips to our local recycling centre today, to drop off loads of flattened cardboard boxes, an old vacuum cleaner, about 6 bags of old clothes, some scrap metal and all sorts of other stuff for recycling. But they don’t do anything with polystyrene. There’s doesn’t appear to be anywhere in the area that does. So what the hell are we meant to do with it? There’s shitloads of it round here – just about all electrical products come packed in it, and there are a fair few of those here. It’s grim to think that we’re expected to just put it in with the rubbish that gets landfilled… I’d rather find some way of doing something else with it. If it was even fireproof we could use it as loft insulation.

Anyway, after the trip to the tip, TSP and I called in to see Steve and Lorna for bank holiday lunch and chats. Very nice it was too. Could’ve chatted all evening, if we didn’t have even more crap to sort out for me to take to the recycling centre tomorrow morning.

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