Misplaced blame

Random musings time – was thinking today about how we react when we encounter incompetent people in whatever their field of work might be – useless sales people in shops, unhelpful assistants on public transport, crap waiters/waitresses etc. and how we get annoyed with them, when it’s clearly not their fault.

By that I mean said stupid person was at some point out of work. When you’re out of work you apply for whatever jobs are available, in the hope of being back in work and getting the bills paid. You can’t fault someone for being accepted for a job they applied for in their quest for work, even if they themselves don’t have the skills required to do the job. That, in the bigger scheme of things, is not their fault. It is however, the fault of the people who hire them, knowing that their inexperience/lack of skills and qualifications means they can pay them less.

They are the ones who fail to a) find people who can do the job, b)sell the job correctly when advertising the post in the first place c) provide adequate training when the person takes the job and d)have some kind of trouble-shooting mechanism for when the person ends up out of their depth (only a real bastard would start having a go at someone for not knowing something and instead asking for help… the problem comes when the help isn’t there).

So next time you come across someone that strikes you as hopelessly inadequate for their job, be nice to them, it’s not their fault. Congratulate them for getting the job, then go and kick their boss’s arse.

Music micro-news – just been recording some bits ‘n’ bobs, but soon discovered that what I was playing was very like something I’ve written before, but haven’t played live, so decided to learn that off the CD to play it in the set next week… maybe.

SoundtrackKaki King, ‘Legs To Make Us Longer’.

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