Congrats to Danny Baker – DJ Of the Year.

My only awareness of the Sony awards until a couple of years ago was that certain radio djs were introduced as ‘sony award winner….’. Then friends started winning them and I took more interest. It’s now grown to be the most important set of awards in UK radio, and I always look to see if anyone I know has one an award; not many of them have this year, though Sally Phillips got a bronze award for Clare In The Community.

My favourite bit of news though, is that Danny Baker got the DJ of the year Gold award. Much deserved, for sure – this house wakes up to Danny’s breakfast show on BBC Radio London every day, and he along with Amy and Mark mean that we wake up laughing. So congrats to Danny for a much deserved win. And if you’re in London, stop waking up to the Today Programme, or whoever is being dull on Radio 1, or Christian O’Donnel and his weirdness about horse cheese and super-powers, and tune into Danny instead – 94.9fm.

SoundtrackShow Of Hands, ‘Dark Fields’.

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