Big with the 6Music crowd?

The Small Person sent me a link to this a few days ago – The 6Music big debate on favourite bassists – I’d seen it when it went up on the site (I listen to 6Music from time to time, would listen more if I remembered to tune in!), but not followed the ensuing posts, but there seem to be lots of mentions of me there, which is nice. I recognise a few of the names as street team peoples, doing their job, but there are others I don’t recognise.

Maybe they’re folks who heard my stuff when Stuart Maconie played it on The Freakzone, one of the finest radio shows anywhere in the world (and of course, available each week via ‘listen again’ so you don’t have to tune in on a Sunday afternoon).

SoundtrackMichael Manring, ‘Soliloquy’.

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