Lots to blog about, but for now I’ll just vent about the stupid bastards who broke into my car yesterday.

Some background info – Had a gig in Sheffield last night, and had arranged to go to Jez’s in Oxford to go together in one car. As we’d be going past Birmingham, we also dropped into Music Live at the NEC, to catch up with some friends. A series of road accidents (not involving us!) held up the traffic all around Birmingham, so we ended up getting to the gig a lot later than planned, but we had left loads of time, so no problem there. ‘Twas a fun gig, a jazz gig for a church that was doing a week of events aimed at just about every demographic group in the area, the last night of it was a jazz gig with a God-talk in the middle (by an Australian bloke, who was very entertaining, it must be said)… Anyway, the drive home was a nightmare too – stuck for over an hour on the M1 behind another accident… A note to British drivers – STOP DRIVING LIKE MORONS!!! FFS, there are more accidents now than I’ve ever seen, and as someone who travels a lot for work, it’s freaking me out, so stop it, OK? No more talking on the phone while driving unless you have hands-free, no more trying to make sandwiches or chutney, or knit or whatever other weird shit you get up to on the motorways of England that causes you to crash. Just stop.

Anyway, got back to Oxford after 2am to discover that the rear passenger window on the driver’s side had been smashed in. Nothing had been taken (obviously the theiving little shits weren’t fans of rubbish 80s cassette tapes), but there was glass everywhere and I had to drive home with no window, and then pay £70 to get someone out to replace it today.

So I got to bed v. late, was up early today to teach, and am back in Oxford today for another jazz gig with Jez. And all I really want to do is sleep.

No soundtrack just now, aside from the sound of my teeth grinding.

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