Don't forget Buy Nothing Day this weekend

In case it had slipped your attention, this Saturday is Buy Nothing Day – Click here to find out all about it, but the basic idea is not to shop…

Soundtrack – Del Amitri, ‘Twisted’; Mary Chapin Carpenter, ‘Between Here and Gone’; Andrew Buckton, ‘Now But Not Yet’ – Andrew’s album is one of the recording projects I’m most proud of. It was produced by Jez, and I played bass on most of it, with Mike Sturgis on drums. We came up with a whole load of really interesting arrangements in no time at all, and the end result is a gorgeous, intimate, devotional album – songs of pain and loss and a faith that carries through all of it. It’s pretty explicitly christian, so if that sort of thing puts you off, I wouldn’t get it, but for anyone else, I’d highly recommend the album.

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