Before Nashville…. Kentucky!

I know I said Nashville would be the next US blog entry, but before we got there, we stopped at a truck-stop in Kentucky. This, obviously, after driving through Indiana (which looked beautiful from the freeway…)

Anyway, Kentucky, truckstop, me with long hair and nail varnish. It was a little like Deliverance to say the least – lots of people stopping what they were doing and turning to stare. Fortunately we were only there for coffee and gas (that’s petrol to you english lot), but I swear I heard Duelling Banjos from somewhere…

Anyway, the coffee was dreadful. So we left, and headed for Nashville.

SoundtrackKris Delmhorst, ‘Songs For A Hurricane’ (Kris opened for Julie Lee at The Basement in Nashville while we were there, and was fantastic); Stan Lassiter Group, ‘Chi’ (Stan sat in with me on one of my nashville gigs, and was fabulous).

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