More stress that I really needed yesterday

So I couldn’t find my passport. Anywhere. I turned my room upside down, turned the living room, bedroom and kitchen upside down. Even got to the point of finding out about waiting times for replacement passports. Asked friends to have a word with the Man Upstairs on my behalf, turned my room upside down again. Finally gave up. And just before I went to bed, checked a small bag of what I thought was litter next to my bed, and it was in there!! Hurrah!!!

That palpable sense of stress lifting is a remarkable feeling. It really is like a physical weight being removed. So my thoughts of ‘what will I do if I can’t get my flight on Friday?’ are all gone, thank God.

Back to planning my roadtrip with The Cheat…

Soundtrack – Belly, ‘Star’; Iona, ‘Journey Into The Morn’; Sarah Slean, ‘Night Bugs’ and ‘Day One’; Theo Travis, ‘Earth To Ether’.

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