John Etheridge and Arild Andersen gig

Just got back from an incredible gig – John Etheridge is doing seven nights at Pizza Express on Dean Street in London, playing with all different combinations of musicians. Tonight was a trio with Arild Andersen on bass and John Marshall on drums.


Just brilliant – the material was a mixture of John’s and Arild’s tunes, and a Metheny number thrown in. The interplay between the three of them was outstanding – I’ve not seen John Marshall play before, and loved what he brought to the trio too.

Arild uses a Paradis looper, the fore-runner to the Echoplex, and layers up bowed, plucked, twanged upright to make a beautiful soundscape for the trio to play on top of. He looped on two tunes in the second set, and a couple in the first set as well, I gather. And his upright tone is amazing. A gig not to be missed…

…and fortunately they’re playing again tomorrow night! You should go, really, you’ll love it.

soundtrack – nothing now, but I was listening to Radio 4 in the car on the way home.

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