Vote on Thursday.

If you live in Britain, you HAVE to. Seriously, if you don’t, it’s effectively a vote for the BNP and UKIP. Both of those parties rely on a low turnout to get their insane indeologies into the political system. 5% of the vote will guarantee them a seat in the European Elections.

I’ve just had a BNP leaflet through the door, pedalling all kinds of insane lies and propaganda about Britain and it’s ‘asylum seeker’ problem. False statistics, overly emotive language. All bollocks. They are a racist, fascist party, who have done nothing in the areas where they’ve got local councillors.

So all you need to do is go out and vote. I don’t really mind who for – could be Labour, Liberal… heck, even the Conservatives are miles better than either the BNP or UKIP (who want us to join Nafta!!! Have they not seen what’s happened to the Mexican and Canadian economies??? do they not realise that 60% of our trade is with Europe? Are they not aware that the Atlantic is very big indeed???? Morons!!)

If you’re not into the whole EU deal, vote for the Green party – an intellegent party that oppose European integration for sound reasons. I’m pretty pro Europe, by and large, but am still not sure which way I’ll be voting… But I will vote. We have to. you have to. Please.

have a read of this article from the Guardian about the daughter of the BNP leader, and her twisted thinking. Read the bit about that woman that was duped into standing as a local councillor before realising that even their odious manifesto was lies, and the truth of what they are trying to do is far more sinister.

and sign up to the pledge at the unite against fascism website, encourage all your friends and family to get out and vote, and stop them getting anywhere in these elections.

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