ooh, aren't we the indie-friendly corporate rock star!

So Korn decided to do a video about how screwed up the record industry is, about how usurous record deals are, the evils of the FCC etc. etc.

Korn? er, yes – signed to Epic (a Sony subsidiary), spending record company money like they’re going for a world record. STILL signed to a major label

this article at RollingStone.com contains the line “For a platinum band that allegedly spent $4 million on its 2002 album Untouchables, fighting its label and MTV may seem hypocritical.” – MAY seem hypocritical??????? Dude, if they had an ounce of integrity they’d jack it in, go indie, release their own records, deal with the fallout of dropping out of the label and use it as a chance to highlight the evilles of the industry.

But no, they just do the faux-rebellious thing, and the tragedy is that in the US it’ll be lapped up. Lots of losers will be outraged (ex-ref everything from Britney and Maddy kissing, to Janet Jackson’s boob-thang, to Prince writing SLAVE on his face…) – the industry thrives on this kind of crass controversy. The only way to fight it is opt out. You try and fight it from within, you just make more money for The Man. If you bail out, they lose. Prince did the right thing – cut loose, made records for himself, but recently blew it by signing to Sony!! – the purple one is clearly more of a maroon these days…

Where were ‘the rebels’ when Pearl Jam attempted to subvert TicketMaster’s hold on the live scene? Where are the rebels boycotting Clear-Channel events? Nowhere – they just make crass protest vids, that make them and their record companies even more money.

Bollocks to Korn. I wouldn’t buy their records anyway, but if I was going to, I’d have boycotted them.

(thanks to The Captain for the link)

Soundtrack – nothing right now, but I’m about to put on the Jughead album – Greg and Matt Bisonette with Ty Tabor – amazing Foo Fighters/Lit/Rembrants-esque stuff. Marvellous.

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