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as a slight aside from me talking about the inanities of my life and a bit about music, here’s an article from yesterday’s guardian by michael meacher.

He’s the former Enviroment Minister here in the UK, and his insights, research and conclusions on the real thinking behing the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the increasingly flimsy war on terror make for sobering reading, though not it has to be said all that surprising, giving the overwhelming evidence to back up his assertions… All very sad stuff, and a good reason to go on pressuring the government to be more accountable, more honest about its motives and more humane in considering the welfare of those people who’s home land is turned into a warzone just so we can pay less for our gas and oil.

For two national leaders who both profess to be christians, Bush and Blair have a funny way of carrying out the notion that we should ‘love one another’. What happened to good news for the poor? Sounds like the worst imaginable news for the poor when the rich start dropping bombs on you to make you fall in line…

On a similar theme, I’m in the middle of reading ‘Asses In Clover’ by Eimar O’Duffy – which is even more scary than the meacher article in that it was written in the 30s and apparently NOTHING HAS CHANGED AT ALL!! – the world o’duffy spells out is one of corrupt rulers, a propaganda ridden press, a enconomic system permanently at odds with itself but hellbent on keeping the rich rich and the poor poor. The soliloquy by one of the goverment officials towards the end of the book about the reasons for poverty and war sound like bang-up-to-date New Labour BS. Alistair Campbell would have been proud of such a speech. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – the book’s an extremely funny satirical sci fi tale…!

Anyway, it’s a must read.

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