Who's got the virus???

OK, someone with my address in their address book has picked up some worm/virus deal, and I’ve just had to download and delete 60 (yes, SIXTY) virus emails – Norton has caught eachone, and quarantined it, but it takes ages…

With the way the internet is now, if you haven’t got Virus checking software on your PC (I think Mac users are pretty much exempt from this), you are a freakin liability. Seriously, it doesn’t cost much to buy Norton or McAffee, and arguments about virus software companies propogating viruses to boost business aside, they do a great job, you have to keep them up to date, and it makes life easier for everyone.

Might I suggest that if you have my address in your address book, and DON’T have virus checking software, you remove it, and only email me through the website, deleting the email from your sent items box when you’ve sent it? Really, if this is what I get from one person being infected, if I had 10 people with my address infected with this worm, I’d be spending two hours a day fending off virus emails, and I really don’t have the time.

Pleeeeeze, get Norton or something, update your system now, and stop being a burden on everyone else. If you have got up to date virus software, we salute you – hurrah!

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