Hot Hot Hot

as briefly mentioned before, and as plainly obvious to anyone currently in the UK, we’re in the middle of a heatwave. Which in some ways is lovely, but as usual with the Brits, we’re now complaining that it’s too hot. It certainly makes working difficult. However, the upside is that we’ve got loads of ripe organic tomatoes in our garden, which we’re munching at a rate of knots. We’ve also got loads of blackberries, cooking apples, rasperries, onions and one chilli plant that’s got about three chillis on it. The heat is such that even our tiny grape vine has got fruit on it!

And I need to cut the lawn.

Soundtrack – The Smiths, ‘Louder Than Bombs’; David Torn, ‘Tripping Over God’; Matthias Grob, ‘Ouvir Mais – Pedir Menos’; Gin Blossoms, ‘New Miserable Experience’ – I listened to this last album for about three hours last night. It’s brilliant, truly masterful. If you’re in anyway into the whole new americana thing, check this out from before it was trendy…

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