A Scary Day For The Aged Feline

I was woken up rather abruptly this morning (OK, this afternoon) but a rather frantic banging and rustling noise from the room next door. Turned out to be The Aged Feline, trapped under a huge pot plant that had fallen over, and having some sort of fit/seizure. It was very scary, and it was hard to tell whether he’d been poisoned by eating some of the plant, or was having a fit that had caused him to crash into the plant, or whether it was stress-induced from finding himself trapped.

I rescued him from under the plant, and it still took about 5 mins for him to stop convulsing, at which point I rang the vets and the small person, to sort out what to do. By this time, The Aged Feline was back on his feet, albeit rather gingerly whilst wobbling round, but he’d certainly stopped shaking.

The vet asked to see him straight away, so I got dressed and took him up there. He seemed to have some signs of concussion, so was given an injection to sort that out, which made him puke, poor thing.

So the rest of the day has been about convalescing the poor chap – lots of cuddles, food on demand, peace and quiet.

SoundtrackDenison Witmer, ‘Recovered’; Elan, ‘Hush’; lots of improv stuff from my french quartet.

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