I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer

right, I’m getting complaints that I haven’t done any top 5s for a while… so, in the spirit of the pathetic suppliment that came with this month’s Q magazine entitled ‘things to do this summer’ or something like that (that included stuff like dressing up as famous people and ‘buy these trainers’ – yeah, right….), I shall give you my alternative top 5 things to do this summer…

  • spend as much time as you can outdoors, but don’t get sunburnt.
  • go and see at least one gig a month by an artist you’ve never heard
  • read. lots.
  • If you’re going to go to festival, ignore all the crappy ones listed in Q that involve having your tent stolen and getting showered with piss whilst watching soem bunch of half-assed stoned clothes-horses play poorly, and instead, go to greenbelt
  • watch all the cartoons at www.homestarrunner.com.

a much better way to spend your time.

And if you want something to do now, email 3 friends telling them about the new MP3 on this site, and suggesting that they check it out before buying all of my CDs… ;o)

Soundtrack – today, it’s been King’s X, ‘Black Like Sunday’ – new album, got it through the post this morning. v. good indeed.

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