Right my saaaan, you're nicked!!!!

My what an eventful last 48 hours I’ve had.

Wednesday evening, after spending a lot of the day on Wednesday practicing, I went off into central London to meet up with Evil Harv, as he was in town for a Greenbelt festival planning meeting. Got there, meeting was overrunning, so I sat in (strange feeling, as I was on the plannin group for the last three years…). When it had ended it was too late to go to a gig as we’d planned, but instead went off for a coffee, with Jude as well… So far so uneventful.

Heading back to the car, Jude and I see two of her majesty’s constabulary officers standing next to my car writing stuff… mmm, I was certainly legally parked, so initially assumed they were just making routine notes, what with the heightened threat of terrorism or whatever… sadly, I was wrong. I was in fact FIVE MONTHS OUT OF DATE on my car tax – steve, dear boy, you’ve taken absent-mindedness to a whole new level. How can I have not seen that for 5 months?? Anyway, was obviously very polite to the lovely officers doing their job – I was clearly in the wrong, so just chatted nicely with them while they took all the details, confirmed my address, date of birth, height (??), and all that jazz, had a bit of a laugh with them, and they then said they were letting me off the ticket they could have issued!! How nice is that?? ..I would however, still face a

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