Talking to the Taxman about… well, tax, probably

Dadaaaaaaaaa – it’s only Jan 2nd, and I’m already well stuck into my resolutions. Well, one of them anyway… the tax one, mainly out of desparation, I guess, but still, I’m well into it (would be further if it wasn’t for Excel deciding to crash my computer earlier. seems ok now though…)


was distracted from my graft for about 20 minutes just now by the chat room at but managed to claw it back, and am now back into work… well, not right now, I’m writing this, but you get the idea.

On an altogether more outward looking note, the world must be a damned scary place for kids these days – I’ve been listening to Radio London today, and we’ve got the story of the nutter in Camden who hacked up a couple of women and dumped the body parts in dustbins, the mad gunman in Hackney who’s holding someone hostage (been going on for more than a week), and a couple of girls shot dead in Birmingham at a party last night! What’s going on? shootings?? Blimey, it’s all gone a bit wrong, somewhere along the way…

The track called ‘Regretting The Rainbow’ on ‘Not Dancing For Chicken’ was so called when I was thinking about the story of Noah, in the bible, and how at the end of the story God gives man (and woman) kind a sign that he won’t flood the world again, and that’s the rainbow… And I wonder if God thinks ‘Oh bollocks, wish I hadn’t done that, I’d get rid of ’em all again, and start a new, once more, third time lucky…’ but there doesn’t seem to be a divine plan B. This is it, we make the best of it, do what we can. In the worlds of Raskolnikov from ‘Crime and Punishment’, we ‘contribute out stone to the building up of universal happiness’. But then, he was a murdering nutter as well, so what would he know.

Anyway, the news is full of murders, and it must be a bit frightening for little people, growing up with all that kicking off. Statistically, we’re told it’s no worse now than it was years ago, just that media has got quicker and more salacious in reporting it. Doesn’t make it any easier for the 9 year old kid who thinks they are next…

what was the point of all that? nothing – that’s the joy of a blog, no editor saying ‘but Steve, that’s totally inconclusive, please rewrite your last paragraph’… :o)

Soundtrack – just the radio.

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