Count Down to La La Land

Another very busy teaching day today, which was very good.

What wasn’t so good was that my CDs didn’t end up on the Ashdown pallette going to LA, so I’ve got to sort out alternative shipping for them. Fortunately, Ashdown are helping me out with that, via DHL, but with all the teaching I’ve got booked in tomorrow, last minute shopping, packing, picking up my car from the garage where it’s just had it’s MOT done and snipping my new bonsai tree (photos soon), I’m gonna be rushed off my feet!

And what’s more, I need to get some practice in, so as not to look a fool in LA…

Looks like Gibson may be able to lend me a couple of Echoplexes while I’m there, which would be very nice, not having to fly with mine. I did buy a bigger suitcase anyway yesterday… I’m there for four weeks, after all!

Anyway, time for bed now.

Soundtrack – ‘autocity ep’ by Calamateur – this is BRILLIANT!! It’s a mini CD, for a fiver, by one half of Scottish alt-noise-ambient-geniuses Old Solar. Lots of weird speech samples, and fantastic atmospherics. You have to check this out. go to to find out more, and buy the CD; it’s a very limited edition, and will become a collectors item very soon. Lots of other good stuff on the site (no MP3s yet though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it and order it. And while you’re there, look out for the Old Solar album, cos that’s magic as well – it’s called ‘Many Visitors Have Been Gored By Buffalo’)

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