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In Defense Of Twitter… The video!

March 17th, 2009 | No Comments | Categories: Geek · New Music Strategies · tips for musicians |

screen grab from newmusicstrategies.comThanks to the wonders of Twitter, I found out at about 12 o’clock today that Andrew Dubber, author of New Music Strategies, was in London for a conference. Andrew and I met at BrumTwestival, a Twitter-organised charity event, got on great, and so I tweeted him to see what he was up to. 30 mins later, we were having lunch together at the British Library. Such is the immediacy and flexibility of the twittering life 🙂

But, not only that, Andrew recorded an interview with me which is up now on Vimeo, as well as being embedded in this blog post on

The interview came out well – he asked some brilliantly-phrased questions to keep me on track. I always respond best to interviewers who stop me from going off on random tangents (like the podcast interview with Penny Jackson), so it ends up being 12 pretty useful minutes of video about the wonders of twitter.

…which is particularly apposite, seeing as my blog has now had over 5000 page views in the last 16 hours! It’s pretty insane, and I’m wondering if it carries on, how long it’ll be before it brings the site down! 🙂

Screen grab from

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  • Rob Michael

    Congratulation Steve. Bring that server down!!

  • mejon

    I enjoyed your interview and thoughts about twitter. I usually find the trivial tweets more interesting than “just finished Atlas Shrugged… a brilliant book!”

    Your title reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to write for years “In Defense of Yanni and John Tesh”.

  • Phil Wain

    Yep, nice one, I forwarded that to my non-tweeting musical colleagues.