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My House Concert Looping Rig.

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OK, so it’s christmas day, and I’m blogging, what of it? 🙂 Happy Christmas, y’all. Hope you’re having a fun day. We certainly are here in Ohio.

Anyway, thought I’d do a quick post about my touring looping rig. Here’s the picture:

from the top we have:

Samson S-Mix (mixer)
ART TubeMP Preamp
(next to it is the…)
Lexicon LXP1 reverb.
Looperlative LP1 looper
Lexicon MPX-G2

and on top of the LXP1 we have my Ebow, G7 Capo, Slide, Sennheiser Mic and currently-missing rubbish cell phone (if you see it around, let me know, I can’t find it anywhere). The JBL speakers were provided for the house concert in Milwaukee. We don’t generally travel with speakers in the US, just find people locally to lend us things.

The signal flow is really simple – bass goes into Lexicon MPX-G2, which goes into the S-Mix, and has the ART preamp in the FX loop. Lobelia’s loop mic goes into the LXP1, and that also goes into the S-Mix, which then goes into the Looperlative. The Looperlative then goes out to the desk/PA/Speakers/whatever.

And here’s what’s happening on the floor –

The big pedal, rocked back, is the Visual Volume Pedal.
then an M-Audio expression pedal, which controls the loop volume.
Then a Rolls Midi Wizard that controls the looperlative.
then Another M-Audio expression pedal, for the MPX-G2 (sometimes wah, sometimes volume, sometimes pitch etc.)
then a Roland EV-5, for Loop feedback.
Then a Lexicon footswitch for different stuff on the G2
and finally another EV-5 for track speed on the looperlative.

Meanwhile, Lobelia is using a Roland RC-20 for much of her looping, unless I’m looping her or she’s doing improv stuff through my rig, in which case she just plugs a mic into the volume pedal and uses my bass set-up exactly as-is.

So there you go, a Christmas present in the form of some gear geekness. Post a comment with any specific questions you may have about how it all works 🙂

(the second photo is by the lovely Tracy Apps )

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  • Neil Alexander a.k.a. the NAIL

    Hey Steve – geeky goodness indeed!
    You’ve answered about all of my questions, tank ya vddy mush. But 2 interesting (to me, anyway) things remain, both parameters controlled by expression pedals.
    1)EV5 – for loop feedback?
    interesting. Seems different then how I think of loopers working; I’ve always known them to be like an endless delay with the feedback set on 1. What exactly happens to the audio in this situation?
    2) EV5 for Track Speed…???? Wow, this sounds like a mess of fun if ever there was one.
    Is it in time increments (8ths, quarters, etc), continuosly variable or either? Man, what can I sell to get me one of those things? Seriously, these are the things we need to know! Thanks for the “look inside” (signal routing info appreciated as well). Good luck here, hope the Philly date works out. BTW, working on a video series, as per your (and other’s) suggestions.
    – NAIL

  • Greg Collins

    so why do you /anyone prefer the pre-amp in the FX loop rather than going straight in through it?

    Just getting to grips with signal chains and FX etc..

  • steve

    Neil, sorry for taking so long to reply!

    Feedback works the same on a loop as on a delay – the audio gradually fades, but with the new material coming in at 100%, so you get that overlapping sound.

    The speed control is continuous, so great for mad stuffs, harder for beat synced stuff!

    Greg – the FX loop means that the preamp is after the input stage on the G2 but before the FX. If I put it in first, it would hit the front end of the Lexicon too hard and clip it. Having it where it is just gives the sound some extra body… I’ll show you next time I see you 🙂

  • Neil Alexander

    Thanks, Steve!
    I will contact the Looperlative people for more specific questions. It’s going to be a while before I’m ready to buy, but it’s definitely on the big list.

    Many thanks, continued success –