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…and another video with Michael Manring!

November 3rd, 2008 | No Comments | Categories: Music News |

Here’s a second video from 2005, with Michael Manring – this one was filmed the day after the last one, at the Brookdale Lodge, a rather freaky venue in the Santa-Cruz mountains that actually as a creek running through it… and a swimming pool with all kinds of weird tales attached to it – apparently the place was a Mobster hang-out back in the 20s.

Anyway, they now have duelling-bassists to add to their list of weird events, and here’s the video evidence!

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  • Kevin

    Cripes Scoobs,

    You were lucky to get out at all, see

    Hope all is lovely on the tideway.



  • Kevin


    Am I the only one that finds this rather disturbing. I was rather relieved that what I thought to be an ectoplasmic event turned out to be Michael and a soft mallet.

    Kevin (again)

  • steve

    lol – Michael and I do have a habit of drifting from the cute to the scary to the funky to the downright freaky within improvs. The long version of the other tune we’ve got up on Youtube (from last January) is only from about half way through the improv – the first have was all sweetness and light, which then goes weird ‘n’ spikey at the point the video kicks in. Will have to grab the MP3 and put it up somewhere or other… 🙂