so I’ve joined Twitter. You may remember I joined it’s main rival Jaiku a while ago, and you may also have seen the Jaiku widgets on the blog and on my site front page… Sadly, Jaiku just didn’t have the user-base that Twitter has (they probably even had to take Murray’s advice from flight of the Conchords and ‘put -base on the end, makes it look like there’s more of them’) and I was basically just posting one line updates to my website front page. I did get quite a few clicks through the blog from it, and may still find a way to use Jaiku just for posting weblinks or something (something I also do via the feed I’ve got embedded at the bottom of my links page.)

So when Jeff Schmidt (who was the person that told me about Jaiku in the first place) jumped from Jaiku to Twitter, it seemed common sense to admit that Jaiku wasn’t about suddenly become de rigueur.

So I’m twittering here – if you’re on Twitter, you can ‘follow’ me, and perhaps I’ll follow you. It’s quite fun the way you can comment on people’s twitterings, but just including their name with an @ in front in your response…

…yes, you’re right, I really do need to get out more.

This laptop is dead. It's a gonna. etc.

just managed to get a few minutes of life out of my laptop… it takes about an hour of trying to get it to start, and then it stays working for a few minutes… so my postings may be sporadic over the next couple of days, same goes for email responses… new lappy arrives in about two weeks, and once i’m home i’ll be using the desktop, but for the next few days, my webtime may be limited to checking email and IM on my phone…

Will try to keep the jaiku blog up to date via texts…

(rss) Feed Me, Seymour!!

OK, just how Web 2.0 do you want it? You want feeds? We got feeds, in just about any format you desire.

Here are a few for you –

here’s an hCalendar feed from the gigs page on my website – that’ll import automatically into ical, outlook, sunbird and a few other apps that read the hCalendar Microformat.

Then there’s the normal RSS feed from my gigs at – this one will give you gigs that other people have added, and links to the relevant gig page at, so you can see who else on is going…

Next up there’s a novel one – an RSS feed of my MySpace page’s gig listing – clearly not actually offered by Myspace, because they are, largely, shit, but you can create one for your own myspace page by going here.

And lastly, the new kid on the blog, the gigs RSS feed from my page.

Clearly you don’t need all of them, and I’ll keep you posted here if I decide to drop any of them, but given that they all offer something slightly different, I thought I’d offer you the chance to have them all and choose the one you like the format of. The Calendar link is particularly useful if you’re interesting in what I’m up to gig-wise all over the place, rather than just in your town – you can get up in the morning, look at ical or outlook and go ‘oh look, Steve’s playing in Zagreb tonight with the combine Zagreb schools orchestra’, and feel good about the world.

So, consider your feed needs satiated, dear bloglings (obviously, you’ve already got the feeds for this blog, my jaiku microblog, and my myspace blog).

Geekery update…

Well, the blog is all now viewable – hurrah! And ALMOST all my website is validated – I’ve learnt loads about code-monkey-ness in the last three days, with lots of help from sarda, Lovely G, Matt and Drew – Drew was particularly interesting as the validator told me my code was nonsense, and sent me over to an article about geek things, that Drew had written, and I know Drew through Greenbelt-y things – he’s another of the lovely Greenbelt Geeks.

So, where I’m at now is that it all ‘works’, and I’ve given up trying to get everything to validate, because I was having to completely rewrite java files and bits of code to try and get round the code generated by the widget-creators at, Jaiku. I’ve managed to edit all the player widgets – the one on the front page, and the ones on the MP3s page – here’s the code for the one on the front page, should you use plug-ins and want to get round the ’embed’ stuff that doesn’t validate –

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://panther1." width="540" height="123"&rt;
<param name="movie" value="
defaultEmbedPlayer.swf"&rt;<param name="FlashVars"
&resourceType=10&restTitle=Best of Steve Lawson&albumArt
Pillow+Mountain"&rt;<param name="wmode" value="transparent"&rt;

the key to it is the data= bit, taken from the article by Drew. there you go, geeks!

Blog feed at

Been having a bit of a geeky time with my website of late, and thanks to the Google IPN, I’ve been able to add a feed from this blog to the front page of my website – so you can go to and see there at a glance if I’ve updated the blog. You’ll also see there, in the bottom right hand corner of the page, a feed from my Jaiku mini-blog, which also aggregates feeds from my normal blog, my myspace blog, my Flickr page AND a feed from my stumbleupon account for websites that I’ve favourited – so if you just want one feed that’ll bring together everything that I blog about and post all over the place,

Jaiku – micro-blogging

As if I wasn’t already blogging enough and spending enough time faffing about online, my visit to Jeff Schmidt’s site to get the link for his podcast reminded me that he uses a microblogging service – Jaiku as a way of adding single line updates to his blog…

So of course I had to sign up, and have now got the feed embedded on the front page of my website, and here on the front page of the blog (which, if you’re like me and only ever read blogs via a feed reader, you’ll never see). Talking of feed-readers, if you just haven’t got enough already, you can add my Jaiku RSS feed.

Now to start planning the Podcast… :o)

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