Review – Vigroux/Cury/Lawson trio, Marvejols, France (Midi Libre)

1 February 2002

“A weird, convincing trio”

“Caption: The audience allowed themselves to be carried along during an astonishing experimental performance, which was ultimately conclusive.”

“Last Saturday, the Regional Arts Development Association invited music lovers to come and hear a bold master class at the Théâtre de la Mauvaise Tête.

The performers were a guitar, bass and percussion trio composed of musicians with different backgrounds and inspirations, a trio characterised by its improvisational playing, each member being carried along as his inspiration took him, in response to the offerings of the others.

Franck Vigroux, highly focussed on his guitar, Steve Lawson, conjuring weird sounds from his bass, and Jérôme Cury, attacking a strange arsenal of percussion, gave an astonishing experimental performance for the audience from the music college and Marvejols music lovers. The three musicians, from diverse backgrounds (modern jazz, ambient and classical music) performed their pieces as “stories to tell”. The audience allowed themselves to be quietly carried along by their innovations and their musical risk-taking during the concert which, although weird, never became impenetrable.

The concert came at the end of a day which began when the trio met with students at the music college.”

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