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BeyondBassCamp – Occasional Bass Masterclasses in Birmingham.
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bass inspiration – Michael Manring: my favouritest solo bassist. – Divinity: all round musical genius. – Mike Watt: godfather of punk bass and Coltrane-obsessive. – Julie Slick: my favourite rock bassist I’ve heard in YEARS. – Tony Levin: making singer/songwriters sound great since 1970. – Matt Garrison: fusion-y goodness. – Trip Wamsley, solo bass genius and collaborator of mine. – Bryan Beller: fabulous rock/jazz/awesomeness bassist. – Victor Wooten: solo bass superstar. – John Lester: singer/songwriter/bassist – should be bigger than Sting. – Yolanda Charles: arguably the funkiest, grooviest bassist in the UK. – Claudio Zanghieri: Italian fusionist and great improvisor.
Alex @ Facebook – Alex Webster: amazing bassist with Blotted Science & Cannibal Corpse.

Other Musicians – guitar genius – another guitar genius – and another! – soul inspiration – singer/songwriter, sage & huge inspiration – all kinds of awesome – God’s favourite singer – not goth, just great – loops ‘n’ guitar sonic artisan

recent collaborators – amazing singer/songwriter I’m lucky enough to play bass for and be married to, live album here. – he of the FingerPainting project. One of the greatest musicians I’ve ever heard. – singer/writer/producer who lets me play bass on her astonishing songs. – the double bassist on Diversion. The bassist with Lamb. A bona fide genius. – endlessly creative drummer, one of my most regular collaborators over the last couple of years. – the guitarist on Ley Lines. Brilliant, inspiring collaborator. – crazy-good guitarist. Duo album out ASAP…

Musical Toys – all my looping happens here. – the latest change to my bass set-up. These have blown my mind! – Modulus Basses – basses don’t get better than this. – Elrick Basses – my first new instrument in 13 years is an incredible Elrick Gold Series SLC 6 String (SLC – Steve Lawson Custom). It’s unbelievable. – another recent change – the Dunlop Super Bright strings have rocked my world, and the MXR Bass Innovations pedals are ALL amazing. An essential part of my sound. – Jule Monique Preamp. I HATE playing without it. Has revolutionised my sound. – Evidence Audio Cables – high end instrument cables – sound great, well made, not too expensive! – Slick Bag – I never go anywhere with my basses without them being in a Slickbag! – TC Electronic – their HOF mini reverb and Flashback Delay are works of genius! – Darkglass make the Vintage MicroTubes overdrive that I use ALL the time! – KMI’s Softstep controller is one of the greatest ever additions to my music-life. I’m also using the Quneo for all my drum/keyboard playing. – home of East UK, the finest bass preamps around! – my favourite bit of recording software, by miles. – The E-Bow, an electronic gizmo that gives infinite sustain and bow like effects on electric instruments – I REALLY need to replace mine! – Rick Turner, made my acoustic bass, knows more about basses than just about anyone I’ve ever met. – The Gallery, the bass shop where the Sei basses are made.

Bass related sites – British bass mag, in which I have a monthly pedal column, was on the cover in Oct 2015. – wonderful online tuition community, for whom I do regular masterclasses. – british bass discussion forum. – US bass mag, who seem to really like my albums, judging by the reviews I’ve had…

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