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September 5th, 2007 | 1 Comment | Categories: Geek · Gig stuff · Music News · Musing on Music |

With musicians and listeners alike realising just how useless and archaic the MySpace interface is, a host of other options are springing up for musicians looking for an audience, and audiences looking for new music. One of the best ones I’ve found recently is Reverb Nation – I saw it a while ago when Seth Horan moved his mailing list over to it, and then today, the lovely Lo. re-alerted me to its existence, in relation to how it can be placed on one’s facebook page. So i created a profile, added the facebook plugin thingie, and away we go. It’s looking good.

click here to see my Reverb Nation Profile.

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  • Wulf

    I might give that a try. The ability to maintain a music profile on one site and then include the fruits in multiple other places does appeal.