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Todd Reynolds' EP…

September 19th, 2007 | 3 Comments | Categories: music reviews |

Those of you who saw Todd Reynolds play at the Recycle Collective last year already know what a genius he is, but for those of you who don’t, you owe it to yourselves to head over to the CDbaby page for his new EP and have a listen to the previews – layer upon layer of beautiful violin playing, looped and processed into a gorgeous soundtrack, bearing the influence of both his many years in Steve Reich’s ensemble and his time with Bang On A Can.

More recently, Todd’s been touring with the cooler-than-cool The Books, both opening the shows on his own, and playing with them in their set. He’s all set to become huge, and you’ve got the chance to get his EP now ($6 – that’s £3, for 3 really great tracks, which are a lot longer than your average pop single too) – go over to the CDbaby page, have a listen, but it, then come back and thank me… :o)

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  • Mike

    Ooh yeah! Fabulous stuff. I’ll add this to the Calamateur vs. Lawson album and get downloading… While at CDBaby (addictive) I stumbled across Doug Wyatt. Also very good.

  • Mike

    …and finally got around to buying some Zoe Keating. Very cool.

  • Steve

    Glad you’re enjoying it – Doug and Zoe are pretty damned fine too!