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Me on Late Junction last night

July 28th, 2006 | 3 Comments | Categories: Music News |

One of my tunes was played on Late Junction last night, on Radio 3, but bizarrely enough it wasn’t off the new album – it was ‘Pillow Mountain’ from my first album And Nothing But The Bass, which you can buy as a download from the only shop here.

What fun!

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  • Liz

    How on earth do you know this?!?!?

    Were you listening, or do they offer a bizarre service of ringing up artists that they’re about to play?

    The latter would be pretty hard wouldn’t it? Aren’t most of the artists on Radio 3 (“quiet here isn’t it?”) no longer with us? :-p

  • Steve Lawson

    I wasn’t listening last night, though I do listen rather often to the Late Junction.

    This time I found out because they publish the info about the show on a track list page on their website, which had my URL on it, so on my webstats, it showed up that people had been clicking over to my site to find out who they’d been listening to! Which is nice.

    And no, I’m not dead yet…

  • Liz

    We could start a rumour if you’d like? 😉