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June 29th, 2006 | No Comments | Categories: Random Catchup |

Getting ready to head out to a gig in Petersfield tonight – last one on this trip with Ned.

Been a good week so far – great rehearsal with Julie on Tuesday – our Edinburgh set has got to the point where we’re dropping great material to make way for even more marvellous stuff, and also medley-ing some of the songs, to get even more surprise and delight into the show. Our myspace page is getting loads of great interest, and many favourable comments, which is nice…

Yesterday was a bit of a disappointment in that I headed into town with the aim of getting my Cds stocked in a few shops – the manager of Ray’s Jazz wasn’t there, the dude in the Jazz dept at Virgin gave me the number of head office, the dude in the Oxford Street HMV said they have a jazz buyer but he wasn’t in, and the dude in the Bond Street one said everything has to go through head office!

I did drop a copy in for John Lewis at Time Out, so hopefully he’ll enjoy it and write nice things in the mag.

What else? Ah yes, Wimbledon has started, Henman’s out (no major surprise there as he met Federer in the second round), Andy Murray’s doing well, and some unseeded bloke who’s never got beyond the first round of anything til now has just taken the first set of Raphael Nadal… this could be a HUGE upset if it goes the distance. No breaks of serve as yet, just the tie-breaker between them…

Maybe see you in Petersfield later, fair bloglings of Hampshire, x

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