Four gigs coming up in the London area…

After a bit of a barren time gig-wise, I’ve got four London shows coming up – a couple more half hour sets at the Freedom of Expression nights in Croydon and Marylebone, a return gig at a church event in West London called The Waiting, and the much later on in the month, the Recycle Collective is back at Darbucka, this time featuring the genius talents of Patrick Wood and Roy Dodds.

Patrick’s done lots of Recycle gigs before, and always brings a whole load of beauty, funkiness and melodic magic to the gigs. His playing at this year’s Greenbelt Recycle gig was some of the finest Rhodes playing I’ve ever witnessed, especially in an improv setting. So I’m really looking forward to that!

Roy is an amazing drummer that I first heard playing in Estelle Kokot’s trio, then played with him in John Lester’s band at the 606, and recently heard him playing with Theo Travis’ new project Doubletalk at the Vortex. But I’ve been listening to him play for 20 years, as he was the drummer in Fairground Attraction, and has played with Eddi Reader ever since. I’ve found over the years with the RC that the musicians who are primarily ‘song’ players tend to improvise the most coherently; players who are as happy supporting what’s going on as they are leading. and both Patrick and Roy have that quality by the bucket-load. They’re both fantastic versatile musicians, and I’m really excited about it…

So for more details see the gigs page on my website, or the event page at, or the event page on facebook.

Yet more places to find me on the web…

With musicians and listeners alike realising just how useless and archaic the MySpace interface is, a host of other options are springing up for musicians looking for an audience, and audiences looking for new music. One of the best ones I’ve found recently is Reverb Nation – I saw it a while ago when Seth Horan moved his mailing list over to it, and then today, the lovely Lo. re-alerted me to its existence, in relation to how it can be placed on one’s facebook page. So i created a profile, added the facebook plugin thingie, and away we go. It’s looking good.

click here to see my Reverb Nation Profile.

The fine art of friendship

(why do I feel like I’ve used that blog title before? Perhaps it’s because I’m listening to King’s X at the moment, and that’s where the title comes from…)

Anyway! The reason for it is to compare Facebook and MySpace – my Myspace page has about 8.5 thousand friends, maybe 4-500 of whom i’ve met at some point, and probably a 1000 I know who they are… My Facebook page currently has 175 friends, and I’ve met all but about 6 of them, and those I know through online connections.

In the past when I’ve advertised gigs on MySpace, I’ve had a response from about 10 or so people… Most of those are people who would probably have come to the gig anyway, and were just reminded to do so by the mailout.

On Facebook, i recently set up a page for my gig on the 22nd with Lobelia and Monk, and we’ve already got 7 confirmed attending, and about 24 who ‘might be’ attending… Percentage-wise, that’s so far off the charts of anything MySpace can get close to, with the kind of friends-list that I’ve got… Time to thin the herd, methinks, though it might actually be a lot quicker and easier to just launch a new myspace page and start again… Watch this space.

Anyway, Facebook (assuming it doesn’t get shut down in the current law suit) is a FAR better design, and much more pleasurable waste of time than MySpace…let’s see how it develops for musicians…