10 great drum-grooves (guest-post by Anders Faerch)

Anders Faerch with Lobelia in DenmarkAfter he commented on the 10 great basslines post, I asked my Danish drummer friend, Anders Faerch, to list 10 great drum grooves to check out – here’s his list. Some great stuff in there!


Inspired by Steves 10 great bass lines here is my take on 10 great drum grooves.
I love making these kind of lists, but boy is it hard?
It could easily have looked very different, and probably will in half an hour.

1) Cold Sweat/Live in Dallas 1968/James Brown/Clyde Stubblefield.
Could be ALOT of different JB tracks

2)I Got A Woman/Try!/John Mayer/Steve Jordan.
In my book Jordan is THE MAN today. The whole record is grooving hard and Mayer and Palladino are awesome as well.

3) Next To You/Outlandos d’Amour/The Police/Stewart Copeland.
What a way to kick start a career, again could be pretty much any Police track.

4)Bullet In The Head/Rage Against The Machine/ Brad Wilk
The funkiest drummer in rock

5) Spoonman/Superunknown/Soundgarden/Matt Cameron.
The Steve Gadd of heavy rock, the drum parts on this record are so unique and most them really defines the tunes.

6)Saint Augustine In Hell/Ten Summoners Tales/Sting/Vinnie Colaiuta
The one and only true commander of the instrument, at his very best.
Vinnie can do it all, and rarely has mainstram pop been played so inventive.

7)Fell In Love With A Boy/The Soul Sessions/Joss Stone/Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson
Super tight groove by ?uestlove (as always) again could have been pretty much anything
he’s played on. A perfect example of the little things that can never be programed.

8 )If You Want Me To Stay/Fresh/Sly Stone/Andy Newmark.
If you can resist to at least tap your feet to this one, I think you submit yourself yo a mental institution. That must be the mark of a great drum groove, (and an awesome bass line as well)

9)Db Waltz/Domino Theory/Weather Report/Omar Hakim
Never has 3/4 sounded better. Hakim has great combination of power and loosenes.
From a, in my opinion, slightly underrated Weater Report period.

10)Patriots/World Tour/Zawinul Syndicate/ Paco Sery
Contains so much energy, although it doesn’t come close to how it was seing them live.
As with most of the tracks it’s really hard choosing just one track from these albums.

That was it, and I can’t believe I haven’t got any Jeff Porcaro or Steve Gadd??
I must go make a new list at once.

So what do all you low end people think makes a great drum track?

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