(rss) Feed Me, Seymour!!

OK, just how Web 2.0 do you want it? You want feeds? We got feeds, in just about any format you desire.

Here are a few for you –

here’s an hCalendar feed from the gigs page on my website – that’ll import automatically into ical, outlook, sunbird and a few other apps that read the hCalendar Microformat.

Then there’s the normal RSS feed from my gigs at last.fm – this one will give you gigs that other people have added, and links to the relevant gig page at last.fm, so you can see who else on last.fm is going…

Next up there’s a novel one – an RSS feed of my MySpace page’s gig listing – clearly not actually offered by Myspace, because they are, largely, shit, but you can create one for your own myspace page by going here.

And lastly, the new kid on the blog, the gigs RSS feed from my ReverbNation.com page.

Clearly you don’t need all of them, and I’ll keep you posted here if I decide to drop any of them, but given that they all offer something slightly different, I thought I’d offer you the chance to have them all and choose the one you like the format of. The Calendar link is particularly useful if you’re interesting in what I’m up to gig-wise all over the place, rather than just in your town – you can get up in the morning, look at ical or outlook and go ‘oh look, Steve’s playing in Zagreb tonight with the combine Zagreb schools orchestra’, and feel good about the world.

So, consider your feed needs satiated, dear bloglings (obviously, you’ve already got the feeds for this blog, my jaiku microblog, and my myspace blog).

Four gigs coming up in the London area…

After a bit of a barren time gig-wise, I’ve got four London shows coming up – a couple more half hour sets at the Freedom of Expression nights in Croydon and Marylebone, a return gig at a church event in West London called The Waiting, and the much later on in the month, the Recycle Collective is back at Darbucka, this time featuring the genius talents of Patrick Wood and Roy Dodds.

Patrick’s done lots of Recycle gigs before, and always brings a whole load of beauty, funkiness and melodic magic to the gigs. His playing at this year’s Greenbelt Recycle gig was some of the finest Rhodes playing I’ve ever witnessed, especially in an improv setting. So I’m really looking forward to that!

Roy is an amazing drummer that I first heard playing in Estelle Kokot’s trio, then played with him in John Lester’s band at the 606, and recently heard him playing with Theo Travis’ new project Doubletalk at the Vortex. But I’ve been listening to him play for 20 years, as he was the drummer in Fairground Attraction, and has played with Eddi Reader ever since. I’ve found over the years with the RC that the musicians who are primarily ‘song’ players tend to improvise the most coherently; players who are as happy supporting what’s going on as they are leading. and both Patrick and Roy have that quality by the bucket-load. They’re both fantastic versatile musicians, and I’m really excited about it…

So for more details see the gigs page on my website, or the event page at last.fm, or the event page on facebook.

write up in Time Out for tomorrow night's Recycle Collective gig…

Once again, we’ve got a really lovely write up in Time Out

“Singularly talented solo looper/electric bassist Lawson moves his long running RC night from Darbuka to a new regular slot at the Vortex. Joining the ambient effects maestro tonight will be bewilderingly versatile singer Cleveland Watkiss, also looping his a capella voice, and Royal Opera singer Andrea Hazell, this will be breathlessly spontaneous, indefinable, music making.”

That’s rather nice, and true, and means you shouldn’t miss it!

wednesday night's gig recommended in Time Out

Just found this entry on the time out website – a very nice write up for our gig on Wednesday – all the more reason for you to be there!

here’s what it says –

Steve Lawson/Lobelia + Monk AKA Ric Hordinski
Wed Aug 22 , Chilli Fried at Darbucka, 182 St John Street, EC1V 4JZ

Ambient folk-ish jazz from bassist and loop/electronics master Lawson and American singer-songwriter Lobelia, playing a set of bittersweet and melancholic music. Support comes in the form of a solo set of hauntingly powerful ambient/soundscapes from singer-songwriter and guitarist Hordinski.

not sure how ambeint Ric’s set will be, and it’s not a Chilli Fried event, but those are some lovely things to write… :o)