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Date Artist City Venue Country
30/08/19 Steve Lawson Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland The Crescent Theatre United Kingdom
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: £10/12. Age restrictions: All Ages/Licensed. Box office: +4428 9024 2338. Address: 2-4 University Road. Venue phone: +4428 9024 2338.

The Belfast Guitar Festival presents All About The Bass!

The line-up includes:

  • Terry McHugh
  • Peter Close
  • Steve Lawson
  • Phil Smyth
  • Jeff & Nathalie Corallini

More info via the link!

It’s been many years since I last played in Belfast, and I’m REALLY looking forward to this!

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I’m currently booking shows throughout 2019. Watch this space. If you want to host a house concert, or know a UK/European promoter or agent who might be interested, please get in touch!

15 Replies to “upcoming gigs…”

  1. Normally up in Norwich but am missing this gig tonight- big bother!. Glad you’re playing GB though, was worrying that you wouldn’t be there. Cant wait to hear the new group!

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’m not going to be back there any time all that soon… probably will next time Michael Manring comes over cos it worked great for us there… Wasn’t the right venue for what I had planned for the monthly thing…

    1. Hey, we’re just coming to the end of our tour – it wasn’t widely promoted as it was the first time we’ve done this many shows with our 7 month old son, so didn’t want to have an over-full tour that we needed to cancel if he really hadn’t been into it…

      We’re in Cincinnati on July 6th, then have a private concert in Pittsburgh on the 9th, and then we’re back to England.

  2. Steve … ,

    A concert in The Netherlands would be a dream come true. The Bimhuis in Amsterdam would be a great place for you to play … ! I could even help with contacting them or any Dutch language related things.

    Love your music,


  3. Hey Steve ,if you ever find yourself in the greater
    Seattle airea in the winter time and you want to
    Play a house concert we would love to have you.
    We call our place the Chicken Barn Concert Hall.
    It’s actually my shop,not an actual barn.
    I do like your music!

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