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bass tuition

  • Want to take your bass playing to new places?
  • Struggling for ideas on how (or why!) to practice?
  • Needing inspiration to kickstart your creativity?
  • Just starting out and looking for a way to connect learning the bass to the music you love?
  • Want the inside scoop on how to take your solo playing to the next level?

I can help…

I teach in person in Birmingham, England, or via Skype/Google Hangout/any other video tech we can get working! Email me now to book a first session.

I’ve been teaching bass since 1992, having taught thousands of students, from total beginners to PhD candidates to globe-hopping rock stars.

I’ve written tuitional columns for Bassist Magazine and Bass Guitar Magazine – I currently write the Beginning Bass column for BGM – and given bass, improv, looping and performance masterclasses at universities and colleges all over the world. I currently teach at Kidderminster College.

I’m also give regular live seminars for the subscribers at and am the bass specialist at

Lessons are £40 an hour, or £60 for a two hour lesson.

I occasionally teach a series of bass group-classes in Birmingham, called ‘Beyond Bass Camp’ has more details as well as a series of blog posts about my thoughts on bass teaching.

In the meantime, you might also enjoy the series of blog posts I wrote a while back about my approach to teaching – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

And this podcast from No Treble has some interesting insights:

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12 Comments so far ↓

  • Tom

    Hi Steve,
    I’m very interested in having some regular lessons with you. I am quite new to the bass but would like to take my playing up a gear, improve technique, begin sight reading, etc. I live in Bromley so you’re only a short train ride away.
    Let me know if you could fit me in for an hour next week.
    Kind regards,

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  • Nathan Toast

    I am interested in playing bass professionally. My group, Shuttle 21, wants me to advance my playing style. Any help will do

  • mike

    how do i contact you to discuss lessons and beyond bass camp events.?

  • Mr. Mosán

    I will be in Lodon in may.

    I would like to have privete class (at evening) of eletric bass.

    Could you help me?


  • AL

    Hi steve
    Great Music,
    How can i arrange a lesson with you?
    also what are you using to get your higher octave sound?? is it a whammy ?

    Many thanks
    All the best

  • Peter Kett

    Hi Steve, we’re Facebook friends. I’m going to be in London (8-17 Jan) visiting the folks for a short while. I’m contemplating a lesson with you. Do you have a phone # that I can call when I get there?
    thanks, Pete.
    I don’t think my folks have internet access, i’m not sure how it works there.

  • Parker

    Hello steve, I read your blog and i am very interested as to how you became a bass teacher. I’ve searched online and couldn’t find anything, so I decided to ask one myself. I’m looking at a few career options at the moment, at I would appreciate it very much if you would get back to me. Thank you,


  • Andrew

    Hey Steve, how would I contact you for lessons. Thanks for you time

  • Andrew

    Hi, could I organise private lessons with you? Thanks Andrew

  • kosmoky

    I am intrested in ur lesson and I will like to have them

  • steve

    Hi Mike,

    send me an email via the contact page. If you already have, it just means I’ve got a back log of email that I’m rubbish at sorting out. I will get to it ASAP! Sorry.

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