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HELLO! I’m Steve. I’m play bass (and live electronics) both solo and in a lot of collaborative settings. I’m also a music teacher/lecturer, a journalist and am doing a PhD about audiences for improv. Here’s where you’ll find a lot of music, my blog (there’s over 15 years of it to read back through 😉 ) and info about gigs, my musical history and what else I’ve got going on.

If you’re already familiar with the music, please consider having a look at the Bandcamp subscription offer – making this kind of music means that there’s no sustainable model for music making to be built on Spotify or Apple Music – the scale of audience needed is just not compatible with making instrumental music with a bass, and releasing as much of it as I do. So I developed the subscription as a mutually beneficial way of getting all this amazing music out to you, and making it possible for me to keep recording and releasing it. No-one’s getting rich off this, but I’m still doing it three years in, and the subscriber community is growing every month. Come and join us!

While you’re here, come and say hi! Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.


Latest video, The Legacy:


Read the cover story from Bass Guitar Magazine‘s October 2015 issue!

Latest Solo Videos:
Vertigo (from Referendum)
Don’t Leave (from Referendum)
Party Like We’re Still Here (from Referendum)
Requiem For Industry (from Referendum)
Five Stages (from The Surrender Of Time)
Her Kindness (from The Surrender Of Time)


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